Premium Cozy Bed Sizing Chart

BED SIZE Recommended Pet Size (Example Breeds)

Small (S)

20" (50cm)

(Up to 8 lbs)

 puppies, chihuahua, mini dachshund, pomeranian, small wesland terrier, yorkshire terrier

Medium (M)

26" (65cm)

(Up to 20 lbs)

dachshund, mini schnauzer, bichon frise, shih tzu, maltese, beagle, jack russell, french bulldog, big westland terrier

Large (L)

31.5" (80cm)

(Up to 55 lbs)

border collie, boxer, bulldog, french bulldog, poodle, maltese, beagle, border collie

Extra Large (XL)

39.5" (50cm)

(Up to 95 lbs)

2 small dogs or a labrador, golden retriever, australian shepherd, husky, american staffordshire terrier

* We suggest a maximum of 75 LB for the 31.5" (80 CM) bed, pick one of our bigger sizes if your pet weighs more than 75 LB

* We recommend sizing up so that your pet can comfortably nestle in however they like best!