All-in-one M5 Wearable Breast Pump - Painlessly Pump

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  • Painless horizontal angle to pump like a real baby mouth
  • 3 Modes (stimulate + express + mixed) and 9 levels
  • Come in 4 sizes (17/19/21/24mm)
  • Vibrate to pump faster
  • All-in-one design
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Pump a new horizontal angle
Want suckling, no pulling!

One of a kind, it’s the angle that has never been applied on a breast pump! Rather than rough pulling the nipples upward or downward, this “Baby Mouth” breast pump pumps the nipples at a horizontal angle just like a baby’s suckling, which can not only cut the pain to the least but also intrigue the body to produce more milk. Babies and moms are meant to be for each other naturally, we borrow the magic for this pump!

One more mixed mode
Vibrate to pump faster

It’s not your fault that you always pump a little or do not drain up the milk every time, you only need a milk-ducts sweeper. With one more mixed mode which can vibrate at the same time to loosen the ducts when pumping, you can get more milk at a faster speed and drain it up every time to prevent mastitis or engorgement. 3 modes & 9 levels for choices, what’s not to like?

All-in-one design
Cut the motor, cut 1/3 the size

Make the experience even more fun by playing against siblings or friends all with just 1 device!

Easily hook the GameTendo and its remote up to your TV for hours of fun for everyone

4 mom-desired colors
Pick based on questionnaires

Moms long for fashion according to our half-year interview with real moms. Never before adopted, 3 new colors are applied on our pumps according to the moms’ proneness to become a real “mom pride emblem” to show out in fashion.

Be fashionable, be cozy
Cozy mom, Cozy care

As the number one customer-listening wearable breast pump, we also design a hard-shell storage bag to not only look neat but also keep the pumps from bumping or scratching. Be fashionable, be cozy, start from today!


"I really love this breastpump. Ever since they sent me this I never tried any other pumps. It empties my breast and always gets the milk out of me. Plus I can easily move around while at work."

-Patricia A.

Los Angeles, CA

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