Amore Orb Necklace + Eternal Rose Box

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  • 🔄 Rotate the rose to reveal your custom piece of jewelry 
  • 🌹 Contains a Real Rose preserved to last forever (a great gift in itself)
  • ❤️ Symbolizes the eternal love you feel for your special someone
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Luxury. Elegance. Classy.

Designed with the Amore Orb Necklace + Eternal Rose Box highlight your eyes & draw attention to your face, our Necklace are the ideal, luxury-inspired blend between elegance & style.

Give the Gift of Endless Love 

Our Amore Orb Necklace will keep a special memory or person always close to Your loved one, it makes the perfect gift for any occasion that will leave everyone speechless. 

Your favorite moment inside

There are 3 ways of viewing it: 

  1.  Just look through the Gem with your eyes 
  2.  View it with your phone's camera
  3.  Project it onto a wall with a flashlight
Great Photo Ideas to put inside the Pendant

A custom necklace for anything you love in life. Each necklace is made to order and has been designed and handcrafted by skilled artisans. 


"The Picture says it all: I am wearing the Necklace every day and can take my favorite photo everywhere. It helps me through this difficult times as I miss my boyfriend a lot so I can always look at it and think back to this very moment."

-Meagan J.

Los Angeles, CA

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