Children's Magic Copybooks

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  • Improve kid's fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and patience
  • Perfect for a toddler or child
  • Easy to Operate: One Peel and One Paste, Can be Pasted Repeatedly.
Genius in the Making

With Entaura Magic Copybooks, Your child's handwriting, math, motor skills and overall learning capabilities are greatly enhanced within a week of practice. 

Our job as parents is to provide the best tools and opportunities for our children to thrive in life. This 4-book series is one of the most influential ways to spark curiosity and motivation.

The power behind learning with a fun and curious attitude at a young age, will make your child thrive in school.

Your child will be ahead of the pack on so many levels.

  • Helps children learn faster than ever
  • Makes sure Your child will never be left behind
  • Significant improvement on math, handwriting, motor skills, drawing and visual skills within weeks
  • Reusable books with disappearing ink
  • Unmatched feedback from thousands of happy parents and children

"My kid is using these. He is nearly 5 and has trouble making his letters. I was hopeful these would help guide his pen but the groves are SO shallow. You can feel it with your fingers but it wouldn’t come anywhere near guide the pen. The disappearing ink is fun but it drys so fast I can’t check his work."

-Samanth O.

Los Angeles, CA

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