Supori Grounding Mat

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  • Immediate Mental & Physical Benefits
  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Reduced Inflammation and Pain
Here’s why you need this!

Studies have shown that regular use of a grounding mat fosters numerous benefits, promoting a deeper connection to the Earth's natural energy.

Experience improved sleep, reduced stress, and enhanced overall well-being through this simple yet powerful practice.

The "Grounding" Socket

The bottom hole found on the bottom of your wall outlets is called the "ground" socket, which connects directly into the ground, beneath the earth's surface.

Best time to use the grounding mat?

After Exercise - Grounding mats aid in energy restoration and muscle recovery after physical activity.

In The Evening - Using grounding mats in the evening promotes deeper sleep patterns, akin to sauna benefits for improved rest.

During Immune Challenges - Grounding mats reduce inflammation and stress, potentially aiding immune function during minor illnesses.


"Dealing with chronic muscle discomfort led me to explore various solutions, and the grounding mat has been a game-changer."

-Junior C.

Los Angeles, CA

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