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  • Prevent & Reverse Hair Loss
  • Improve Hair Health & Thickness
  • Heal Damaged Roots & Scalp
  • Accelerate Hair Growth
Losing or thinning hair? Get real results without expensive medications

Most hair loss & thinning concerns are genetically predisposed and leaving concerns untreated causes hair follicles to shrink further over time.

 Eventually become obsolete, leaving surgery harmful medications to appear as the only "real" solution...

Achieve Thicker, Healthier Hair

Hair loss & thinning come from an overproduction in the hormone DHT occurring in both men and women.  This hormone blocks your hair follicle’s nutrient absorption and energy levels shifting hairs from the growing phase to the resting phase.

 This makes hair follicles dormant as they go through miniaturization, becoming thinner and more fragile until eventually the hair follicle is fully lost... meaning hairs are unable to grow back.

Reverse Your Hair Loss, Before It Worsens

Leaving hair loss untreated eventually leads to complete miniaturization, meaning your hair follicles are permanently lost with no chance of restoration.

 Many people are still in the process of thinning and can reverse these effects, so it’s important to treat hair loss as soon as noticed to reverse as many hairs before full miniaturization.


"I've been using the hair revive every day for around 2 months now and the results are unbelievable! At first I honestly thought it wouldn't make that big of a change and I mainly bought it to try out low level laser therapy without spending $1000 on that laser cap, but let me tell you this device doesn't only feel amazing but it ACTUALLY WORKS!! You can't really feel the microcurrent working (as there's not a lot of muscles on your scalp to stimulate) but you can tell it's worked as after the treatment your scalp feels like it's had a massage. But the red light therapy and laser are very strong and actually shines past my hair too which was one of my concerns at first. Overall I'm so happy with my results and will continue using the hair revive :)"

-Jade J.

Los Angeles, CA

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