AlphaJaw Facial Trainer

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  • Facial Sculpting Technology
  • Plastic FREE Food-Grade Silicon
  • Safe for oral use and easy to clean

Jaw enhancement is just like lifting weights. You'll want to start with lower resistance and increase weight over time to grow.

Each Color has a different level of resistance.

  • Starter (Blue) - 30 lb / 13.6 kg.
  • Intermediate (Purple) - 40 lb / 18kg.
  • Advanced (Black) - 50 lb - 22.6kg.
Redefine Your Jawline

Enhance your facial structure and improve your overall appearance.

Fit the Mouthpiece to your Mouth

For a better fit, follow our custom molding process which requires just boiling water and a timer for a perfect, custom fit.

Sleep Without Noise or Interruption

You can breathe through your mouth while you sleep and easily drink water or talk with our device on.

Wake Up Restored

Wake up restored and revitalized after a snore-less night of sleep!

Real people, Real results.




Before & After

Experience a stronger, more defined face.

84% of customers experienced a tighter, stronger jaw.

88% of users reported an increase in their masseter width.

89% of participants felt their face was wider and more pronounced.


"After trying it myself for 5 months, I'm blown away. Will continue using it for another 2 months and see what happens."

-Jay W.

Los Angeles, CA

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