PetStyle Pro 4-In-1 Pet Grooming And Care Set

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  • 4-in-1 dog grooming kit
  • Whisper quiet to keep dogs relaxed
  • Safely groom any coat
Complete Trimming Tools

Our dog hair clipper include 3 trimmer heads and 1 nail grinder head that can be replaced, if you're looking for a hair clipper for grooming for dog, cat or other furry friend, then look no further, this dog nail clippers have trimming and everything needed for full body clipping and nail sharpening.

Safe & Effective

Our dog clippers are designed with the safety of your pet in mind. The blade's safety design guarantees 100% protection against injury, ensuring a safe grooming experience even for beginners. Along with this, many pets are often stressed by the noise and vibration of dog hair clippers, which is why our clippers feature a superior motor and whisper-quiet technology. This helps to keep pets calm and allows for faster and easier grooming.

Pamper your paws

Unleash the Power of Precision Grooming at Home! Our sleek, ergonomic clipper is designed for dog parents who demand salon-quality results without the hassle. Say goodbye to pricey grooming appointments and hello to the ultimate DIY grooming experience.

Engineered with cutting-edge technology, our clipper delivers precise and snag-free grooming for your furry friend. From head to tail, achieve a professional finish with ease.

Whether your pup sports a luxurious mane ora short sleek coat, our clipper is up for the challenge. With adjustable settings and versatile blade options, customize the perfect trim for your pup's unique style.

Easy To Use & Clean

Our dog shears for grooming are very easy to cut around the small paw pads. The blade part of dog clippers for grooming can be removed for cleaning and underwater cleaning. The pet shaver can be charged via USB cable anytime, anywhere. Just 3.5 hours of charging for continuous use of 3 hours.


"This is a great clippers set. I only use it for the face and feet and a bigger set for the body because I have a standard poodle. It does take several strokes to get to the even length and new users will need to be careful of not saving to close because the blades are fine. I like getting a close shave on the face. The nail file is too small to fit the medium and larde dogs nails in so that was unfortunate. I have used mine every few months and they still work great. They are not loud and don't vibrate much wich makes them so easy to use. My dog hates his feet shaved because he has ticklish toes and he is fine with this set. The heads are easy to switch. The battery also has a good life, I can do all his feet and face with life left. But if you need you can use the cord and run it plugged in. I with it came with a brick. Overall it is a great product."

-Sharon K.

Los Angeles, CA

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