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  • Reduces Neck & Back Discomfort
  • Convenient Side Pockets
  • Enhanced Comfort and Support
Close the Gap

The Norapillow is ingeniously crafted to fit seamlessly between your mattress and headboard, sofa, or any surface with a gap. Its wedge shape helps close the dreaded gap, preventing items like remotes, pillows, or even reading glasses from slipping through, ensuring you have everything you need within arm’s reach.

Alleviates Neck and Back Discomfort

Say goodbye to restless nights and uncomfortable lounging. Norapillow's ergonomic design offers exceptional support to your neck and back, promoting proper alignment and reducing strain. By providing the ideal elevation, it eases tension in these areas, allowing you to relax comfortably without exacerbating existing neck or back discomfort. Experience relief and relaxation like never before with Norapillow.

Convenient Side Pockets

The Norapillow provides a designated spot for your phone or controller, keeping them safe and secure as you unwind. No more fumbling around in the dark searching for your devices—simply tuck them into the pocket for easy access whenever you need them.


"No longer do my pillows get eaten by the gap at the top of the bed. This was an aggravation I have been having for quite awhile. I used to try to put a body pillow there but it would fall in too. There is no way this is getting ****** down. It's soft yet firm enough to resist the pull of the black hole. I also love the little pocket on the side for the remotes. So happy with this purchase."

-Alex D.

Los Angeles, CA

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