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Smart+ Everywhere Light

Smart+ Everywhere Light

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check_circle 3 Smart Sensors For Hassle-Free Lighting

check_circle Synchronized Brilliance For A Unified Glow

check_circle Connectable For Customizable Lengths

check_circle Adjustable Timer, Color & Brightness

check_circle Robust Battery & Linkable Rapid Recharge

check_circle Breezy No-Wiring Magnet Installation

Smart+ Everywhere Light

Smart+ Everywhere Light

Regular price $29.99
Regular price $29.99 Sale price
SAVE $-29.99 Sold out
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    We use top-quality LEDs, sensors, batteries, totally different from what you usually see on Amazon or TikTok.


    No middlemen. We design, manufacture, test, and deliver directly to you, ensuring you get what you pay for.


    From crafters to homemakers, our lights are loved by all. Better home lighting doesn’t mean a more complicated setup.


    After 6 years, 1+ million lights sold, and 15 major design iterations, we are proud to sell the easiest-to-use smart lighting system.

    • ★★★★★

      My home is now a haven of perfectly lit spaces, just the way I like.

      Sharon V.

    • ★★★★★

      Lighting made simple, even in the toughest spots!

      Wafaa Tayba

    • ★★★★★

      My favorite? The adjustable colors make them look like a professional exhibit.

      Sam G.

    • ★★★★★

      My home lighting has gone from ordinary to extraordinary, effortlessly.

      Caitlin P.

    • ★★★★★

      A hand wave is all it takes for perfect lighting, and the timer stops battery drain worries.

      Linda H.

    • ★★★★★

      I connected a few lights, and they all light up together - like a mini gallery!

      Marry S.

      We’re not always perfect.

      9/10 users love us. If you don’t, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee with no questions asked.

      How We Compare

      Frequently Asked Questions


      How does the Smart+ light work? And how does the lights function with the Smart+ sensors?

      The Smart+ Everywhere Light works with a Smart+ Sensor which is used to trigger and control the light. And each light needs to pair with a Smart+ sensor.

      Traditional motion lights can sometimes lack the smarts to adapt to all the unique home lighting situations. To tackle that, we've created 3 different types of sensors. These smart cookies react to body movementshand waves, and even door movements to automate your home lighting.

      Not only that, but we've also packed in some bonus features for typical scenarios. For example, our Smart+ Hand Sensor comes with a timer that keeps your kitchen lit for longer.

      By pairing multiple lights to a single sensor, you can command your lighting installations all at the same time.

      The Smart+ Sensor is like the wizard commanding the Smart+ Everywhere Light. So don't forget to add it to your cart at checkout.


      How do the 3 Smart+ Sensor work differently?

      Hand Sensor:
      A simple hand wave brings light, and it stays lit until you wave again. Like a regular switch – even with messy hands!

      Motion Sensor:
      Instantly lights up on detecting movement within 33ft (10m); when no motion is detected, it will gently dim after the duration you have set.

      Door Sensor:
      Open the door and the light instantly illuminates; close it, and the light automatically shuts off.


      Does the light come with a sensor? Is the Smart+ Sensor sold separately?

      The light and Smart+ Sensor are sold individually. It's a bit like picking your favorite duo in a game –the sensor's needed for the lights to shine bright, but this gives you the freedom to set up your lighting just the way you like it at home!


      Do I need to charge them every day like other similar products?

      ---This is going to be a long answer---

      We've heard the feedback about the battery life of other products. Here are how we addresses the concerns with new our Smart+ Everywhere Light:

      1. We increased the battery capacity.

      Unlike other models, which had a maximum battery capacity of around 800mAh (and many of these were falsely labeled), our lights have a minimum battery capacity of 2250mAh, even for the shortest length. As the length increases, the battery capacity also increases, reaching up to 4500mAh for the longest option, which means the usage time is at least three times longer than typical products.

      2. We make every bit of power more effective.

      Previously, motion sensor lights could only be activated through human motion detection, leading to many false triggers and thus wasting a lot of battery. With already limited battery life, these false triggers significantly reduced usage time.

      Firstly, we've introduced three different types of sensors: Motion Sensor, Hand Sensor, and Door Sensor. You can choose the appropriate sensor to trigger the light according to your specific needs, reducing false activations and saving battery.

      Secondly, each sensor not only has a different triggering mechanism but also operates differently, maximizing battery usage. For example, the Motion Sensor automatically turns on when someone approaches and turns off when they leave, ideal for hallways, staircases, and nighttime bathroom trips. The Hand Sensor stays on continuously after a hand gesture until another gesture turns it off, perfect for scenarios requiring sustained light, like kitchens and display cabinets. The Door Sensor lights up when a door is opened and turns off when closed, suitable for closets and storage cabinets.

      Thirdly, by separating the sensor from the light itself, we've also gained more space to add features. Besides the common adjustments of brightness and color temperature, the Hand Sensor now includes a timer function, and the Motion Sensor allows for adjusting the sensing mode and the duration of the light when triggered. These are functionalities our past products couldn't offer.

      Pro Tip: You can even keep it lit 24/7 - Just like your everyday lights.

      Not just strong battery life - our lights level-up with a PowerGlow feature and you can forget about charging! You can connect your lights together and power them with just one USB cable.

      We hope these improvements address your concerns about battery life. And we're confident that the Smart+ Everywhere Lights will meet and exceed your expectations.


      Can I adjust the settings of the Smart+ Lights?

      Absolutely! Each Smart+ Sensor can control and adjust all its paired lights, including setting color temperature and brightness levels.

      Moreover, if you're using the Motion Sensor, you can decide how long it stays on after detecting motion – choose from a quick 30 secondsa full minute, or a leisurely 2 minutes.

      And our Hand Sensor comes with a handy timer function, which you can set to 10, 20, or 30 minutes. No more accidentally leaving the lights on and wasting battery life.

      Plus, you can set the continuous lighting mode on all 3 sensors. Each of them has both auto mode and always-on mode.


      How many lights can I group at the same time?

      One sensor can pair with multiple lights that are within 33ft / 10m. And If it's for everyday household use, you can basically connect as many lights as you want.

      We tried connecting over a hundred lights, and they still worked fine. However, this is only for lab testing, it is not recommended to use it like this normally.


      Can I run multiple Smart+ lights from one power source?

      Yes. You can connect your lights together and power them with just one USB cable. Feel free to either charge the lights in this linked manner or keep them plugged into the power source for continuous illumination.

      To get the best charging performance for each light, it's better not to connect more than 5 x 10"/25cm lights or 4 x 15"/37cm lights, or 3 x 19"/49cm lights.


      Can I pair my light with more than one sensor?

      Each light can only be paired with one sensor at a time. You can pick from a Door Sensor, a Hand Sensor, or a Motion Sensor — choose one that best fits your needs. If you want to switch up the sensor, you'll have to disconnect the previous sensor and start a new pairing.


      Do these lights mount securely with magnets?

      Absolutely! These lights attach securely using magnets. Here's a simple guide to ensure they stick well:

      1. First, clean the surface where you'll mount the light with a cloth.
      2. Next, stick the metal plates to the marked areas on the back of the light. Press them onto the surface and hold for a few seconds.
      3. Remove the light, press down on the metal plates again for a few seconds, and then wait for 2 hours before reattaching the light.

      This way, you'll get a strong and reliable hold!


      How long does it take to get my order?

      Once an order is placed, our team will carefully collect your Entaura from the clouds and package it with love, so please allow up to 48 hours for our team to pick and pack your order. Your Entaura will then gently be sent via our shipping suppliers, below is the estimated time each country takes to deliver during this period:

      United States: 6-10 business days (Expedited Shipping: 5-8 Business Days)
      Canada: 8-12 business days

      Australia, New Zealand: 10-12 business days

      United Kingdom: 5-8 business days (Expedited Shipping: 3-5 Business Days)
      Germany, France, Italy, Spain: 6-10 business days (Expedited Shipping: 5-8 Business Days)
      Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia: 6-10 business days
      Switzerland, Ireland, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, Poland, Estonia, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria: 7-12 business days

      Singapore, Malaysia: 3-6 business days
      Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines: 5-8 business days
      Hongkong, Taiwan: 3-4 business days

      As soon as your order is sent you will receive a shipping confirmation email from us complete with a tracking number so you can follow this magical journey.


      Is there a guarantee or warranty for the Smart+ Light?

      We proudly offer a30-day money-back guarantee and a1-year warranty. So, go ahead and give it a try without any worries!


      Where can I find more detailed information and support for the Smart+ Everywhere Light?

      Just head over our Help Page, where you'll uncover more details on using your lights and sensor to brighten up your world.