The JumpTrainer

The JumpTrainer

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  • Workout when and where you want
  • Lose weight and gain strength
  • Workout 20 minutes a day
Making Motivation Easier

Sticking to a workout regime is hard enough.

Keeping consistent ( the key to seeing results ) means removing obstacles.

It means workouts that fit into a busy schedule.

A program that is easy to follow.

A routine that can’t get interrupted ( by the kids or a business trip ).

Building a Better Jump Rope

We created Entaura Jump trainer to be the perfect training companion.

A cordless, smart trainer to let you work out on your terms.

A whole body, effective workout you can do anywhere, anytime.

A heart-healthy, muscle-building system for the modern man.

All for less than the price of a couple of weeks at the gym.

Even better, we’ll ship it right to your door.


Made to fit all lifestyles. Your package includes a complete workout program, food guide, and tracking system.

Knowing what to do, makes it easier to reach your goals. In the books, you will learn the fundamentals of nutrition and exercise, knowing exactly how to train and eat in order to reach your goals.

The program is designed for losing weight and strengthen your entire body. It includes a motivation sheet, a weekly journal, and a tracking sheet that you'll be filling in daily - keeping you motivated and on track. You are given a certain number of jumps to do daily. It starts out fairly easy, and gets progressively harder each week - making sure you're increasing the intensity over time (progressive overload). 


"The jump rope is very well crafted with high quality materials, it is very easy to set up with the phone app, and I was up and running in a few minutes. Having the digital handle keep track of jumps is a fantastic function, so I can focus on jumping rather than counting. The app is easy to use and syncs up perfectly with the rope every single time."

-Chris M.

Los Angeles, CA

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