The PoochChew

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  • Deep teeth cleaning & plaque removal
  • Easy & cost effective dental care
  • Prevent stomach inflammation & irritation

Revolution Your Dog's Dental Care with PoochChew: Clean Teeth, Happy Dog!

Experience the ultimate dental care solution for your dog - The PoochChew cleans teeth effortlessly, prevents infections, and keeps your furry friend smiling!

Fresher Breath

Regular use of The PoochChew helps combat bad breath, leaving your dog's breath fresher and more pleasant.

Stress Relief

Chewing on The PoochCew provides a soothing and calming effect for dogs, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Improved Digestion

By reducing plaque buildup, The PoochChew supports better oral health, which can positively impact your dog's digestion and overall gastrointestinal well-being.

Promotes Optimal Dental Health

The PoochChew effectively removes plaque buildup, leaving your dog's teeth visibly whiter and supporting their overall dental hygiene.

Benefits of a Entaura Pooch Chew

Proven To Ease Anxiety

Chewing provides comfort for dogs in various ways. It's a natural behavior that helps them relax and unwind, serving as a stress reliever or a way to alleviate anxiety.

Superior Comfort

Specifically designed to meet their natural chewing instincts, these chews provide mental stimulation, alleviate boredom, and promote relaxation.

Soft To Touch

You’ve probably seen cheaper, lower quality options. At Entaura, we decided to prioritize on quality and create a durable pooch chew that will be loved for years to come.


"What a fantastic multi-purpose chew toy! The poochchew not only keeps my dog's teeth in great shape, but it also helps keep him mentally stimulated and engaged."

-Anna C.

Los Angeles, CA

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