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  • Supports healthy sleep
  • Alleviates stress & promoted calmness
  • Realistic breathing function & heartbeat sounds

Find peace in a safe space during moments of panic and late-night worry. Designed
with care, its pattern matches the rhythm of your breath.
Let our Koala gently calm your body, creating a peaceful retreat for a good night's

Experience the Magic of The Relief Koala

Simply place The Relief Koala where you need relief the most. Turn it on, and let its gentle vibrations and warmth embrace you. Choose from several modes to customize your relaxation experience

Your Companion In Tranquility

Whether you're tackling the challenges of a hectic day or seeking comfort during late-night restlessness, this companion is here to support you.

Engage with its soothing presence, designed to reduce stress, foster tranquility, and ensure the peaceful nights you crave.

Why Choose the Relief Koala?

"Life-changing! my koala brought a sense of calm to my anxious moments, promoting a peaceful state of mind."

-Irma H.

Los Angeles, CA

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