TrimmerBuddy - Wave Goodbye to Split Ends

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  • Reverses fine lines & diminishes wrinkles
  • Fades blemishes & improves dark circles
  • Promotes firm & lifted appearance
Remove Split Ends Without Cutting Off Any Hair

TrimmerBuddy is the perfect at-home solution for keeping your hair visibly smoother, healthier, and more vibrant.

It is specifically engineered to remove split ends precisely, without compromising your hair's length.

As you glide TrimmerBuddy through your hair, its unique mechanism smartly identifies and trims only the split ends.

The result is not just split-end free hair, but a visibly smoother, healthier, and more vibrant appearance, all achieved effortlessly at home.

Don't Just Hear It From Us

Thousands of women have used Trimmer Buddy to get back silky smooth, and healthier looking hair.

How It Works

TrimmerBuddy works in a straightforward yet clever way.

When you use it on your hair, it holds each hair firmly and evenly.

This allows the tool to focus only on the very ends of your hair, where the split ends usually are.

Its blades are set to trim 1/8 of an inch, just the tip of your hair where the splits occur, thus cutting off the split ends without shortening your overall hair length.

How to use Trimmer Buddy

Step 1: Detangle

Gently brush and detangle your hair, ensuring it is clean and dry.

Step 2: Section & Glide

Divide your hair into small sections and slowly glide the TrimmerBuddy.

Step 3: Enjoy

Admire your smooth, healthy-looking hair, free of split ends.


"Love my trimmerbuddy! I run very very small portions of hair at a time and it makes my hair feel super smooth and silky. Only downside is it can be a little messy, so use this outside or near a sink if possible"

-Natalie M.

Los Angeles, CA

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