Upgrade Voice Translator AI Chat-GPT Multi-language Offline Talking Machine - A10 4G SIM Global Travel Translation Learner

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  • It can instantly translate the voice into the language you want and broadcast it
  • Ergonomic design, compact and portable, one-handedoperation without pressure, can be put in a pocket
  • Easy to use for the elderly and children

1. WIFI + Hotspot multiple networking methods 

2. Support for translation between 137 languages

3. The iFLYTEK + Nuance speech recognition engine, combined with Microsoft + Google's proprietary neural network matrix translation technology and multi-country servers ;

4. A large 4.1-inch high-definition touch screen, multi-touch visual operation, real-time display, audio and text synchronization, clear at a glance. 

5. Special BOX cavity speaker, the loudspeaker effect is more fidelity, clearer and more accurate;

6. 2000mAhhigh-performance lithium battery; 

7. Ergonomic design, compact and portable, one-handed operation without pressure, can be put in a pocket; 

8. Targeted in-depth optimization of multiple language application scenarios, such as transportation, travel, shopping, learning and communication;

9. Support fota network upgrade and update, continuous iteration of product functions and interactive interfaces, convenient, fast and efficient;

10. Zero threshold operation, easy to use for the elderly and children;

11. Chat GPT function, your personal intelligent robot provides rich and practical intelligent voice services, such as weather, time, travel encyclopedia, etc. 

12. Photo translation: Standard 8 Million high-definition camera, professional OCR image recognition technology, menu and street signs Instant photo and translation; 

13. Equipped with an exclusive lanyard, which can be detached and separated, and can be used for both finger buckle and halter.

Built in 1500mah High - Performance Lithium Battery

180 hours of extra long standby without power failure. It only takes 2 hours to charge.

The portable language translator device are suitable for multiple use scenarios.

Travel roud the World

Learn a foreign language while chatting

Business communication

Shopping and making friends


"Very accurate. The mobile phone translator I used before. Especially French. Don't know what to say at all. After using this. I feel more at ease. You can chat easily with foreign friends. Thank you☺️"

-Coral D.

Los Angeles, CA

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