Dog Car Seat Bed - First Class

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  • Eases anxiety and increases relaxation
  • Promotes deep sleep & happiness
  • Superior comfort, helps with muscle pain

Imagine your dog resting in a car seat bed without any covers every travel!

Isn't it disheartening? Imagine us being curled up, trying to find comfort. Our furry friends face this issue during travels! But now, they can rest just like us in a dog car seat bed.

Keeping your dog safe

Adjustable safety leashes & fixing seat belts. Built-in safety buckle to combine with dog collar

Use both at home & in the car

Whether in the car or at home, it can give your dog peace of mind and a comfortable experience

Removable & machine washable cover

Got dirty? No matter what, easy cleaning. Give you and your dog a clean car environment

Benefits of a Entaura Dog Seat Bed

Proven To Ease Anxiety

Our pup needs a bed where they can feel safe and rest easy. Better sleep means a healthier dog and a happier owner.

Superior Comfort

Your pup needs a comfortable place to rest. We created our bed with waterproof fabric and full leather variant. The result is heaven for pups and peace of mind for pup parents.

Soft To Touch

You’ve probably seen cheaper, lower quality options. At Entaura, we decided to prioritize on quality and create a durable bed that will be loved for years to come.


"Our rescue terrier mix, Dex, loves this seat. When he saw it he jumped right in and made himself at home. He’s safely buckled in and is comfortable enough to sleep. Highly recommend."

-Nicole M.

Los Angeles, CA

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