Fidget Blaster - ADHD Focus Device

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  • Bigger model includes retractable mag and auto ejection foam darts!
  • Calm your mind - adhd friendly!
  • Safe and harmless toy

A Fun way to focus your mind

Gain control of your adhd

Fidget toys can assist individuals with adhd by offering a non-disruptive outlet for excess energy and sensory stimulation, aiding in improving focus and concentration.

the tactile feedback and repetitive motions of fidgeting can serve as a self-regulation tool, promoting a sense of calmness and reducing restlessness.

Multiple focus benefits!


The perfect addition the the 2010 method. a fun filled way to regain control and stay focused


Whenever life gets overwhelming, take a step back, breathe, take a break. you deserve it.


Fidgetshot pairs as the perfect study tool! relax your mind without losing focus


Extended screen use can increase stress. you need a screen free way of easing your mind


"This is a well constructed soft bullet gun, it simulates the disassembly function of the real Combat Master 2011 model, it’s an amazing gift for kids and adults as well, looks very real and feels too. You received in the box 1 toy pistol,1 magazines , 20 soft bullets and 16 shell cases. The soft bullets can go up-to 50 feet in distance. The magazine holds 8 soft bullets per refill, when the shell is empty jump and dissemble quickly, it gives you the feeling of the real thing, easy to grab and hold. Nice toy gun will make an excellent birthday, Christmas, anniversary gift for anyone. Recommended."

-Victor O.

Los Angeles, CA

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