GLIDE Safety Razor

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  • 💜 Prevent & Reverse Hair Thinning
  • 🌱 4in1 Growth Promoting Therapies
  • ✔️ Stimulate hair growth, healthier hair, and also helps relieve stress related cortisol
Why Multi-Blade Razors Suck...

When you shave, the first blade lifts your hairs up, making it easier for the next blade to get super close. You'll get a really smooth shave, but it's just for a short while. This close shave can sometimes cut hairs under your skin (leading to ingrown hairs) and might even nick off the top layer of your skin.

Hair removal just got waaaaay easier

Not all attempts to tackle strawberry legs and ingrown hairs end with smooth results, as things can sometimes get a bit bumpy (get it?). Introducing the Entaura Glide Razor 2.0 – your solution for easy, painless hair removal, leaving your skin instantly smooth!


"My Dad bought a similar razor in Germany decades ago, which I confiscated. The quality of this razor reminds me of it--same heft and same amazing shave. Thus far, I couldn't be happier with the purchase or with the perfect shave. IMO it is much better than the multi-blade plastic razors out there. It does a much better job on my underarms, which used to require about 20 passes. This razor requires minimal passes. Although the initial outlay seems steep, it will more than pay for itself within months relative to the expense of the replacement blades for plastic razors. Also, haven't nicked myself yet. Highly recommend!"

-Gilda D.

Los Angeles, CA

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