Groove Calligraphy Reusable Copybooks

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  • Educational: Learn the Alphabet, Cursive, Numbers and other activities!
  • Combat Bad Handwriting, Dysgraphia, ADHD & other writing/learning difficulties
  • Fun: A plethora of games to keep your kid away from gadgets

Our revolutionary bestseller set of Reusable Copybooks with Grooves & Magic Ink welcomes a suite of psychologically and scientifically based concepts in your beloved's early childhood education, proposing a new and innovative way of developing their cognitive ability to letter trace, write, practice handwriting and express themselves through penmanship.


Children's journey into the world of writing is a vital aspect of self-expression. And our team has succeeded in finding the ideal formula to bridge children's visual perception (visual memory) and kinesthetic perception (muscle memory), all in an aura of play & magic.


"I bought this for the kid that I tutor. He struggles with penmanship. He loves these books and he’s amazed at the ink disappearing. I also got one for my boyfriends daughter. She’s six and she loves them. She just started doing numbers in class so she loves the numbers book. Her eyes get huge she never believes the ink is going to disappear."

-Jacqueline L.

Los Angeles, CA

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